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This engine first powered the Jaguar XK120, followed by the Jaguar Mark VII and a number of other Jaguar models in subsequent years.

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The Snowman is a children's picture book without words by English author Raymond Briggs, first published in 1978 by Hamish Hamilton in the United Kingdom, and published by Random House in the United States in November of the same year.

In the US, it was named to the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award list in 1979.

23-120 and Hemraj Shakya, Nepāla Lipi Prakāśa (Kathmandu, Royal Nepal Academy, V.

“In the year 103, on Monday, the 12th of the bright half of Māgha, Bhuvaṇa jīva of the most excellent Vaidya family, for this (sic, his) glory (?

Jones is sometimes incorrectly credited with having sung the song in the film.

Though the boy in the book is unnamed, in the film he is named "James".

This scarf closely resembles the one given to the boy towards the end of the film.

The Universal DVD The Snowman & Father Christmas (902 030 – 11), released in the United Kingdom in 2000, uses the Bowie opening.

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