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The meaning of the Kama Sutta is that sexual desire, like any habitual sense pleasure, brings suffering.He then identifies three objects of craving: the craving for existence; the craving for non-existence and the craving for sense pleasures (kama).Kama is identified as one of five hindrances to the attainment of jhana according to the Buddha's teaching.If you're looking for a sexy couple hookup for a bargain price, check out This adult webcam site is new, fun and full of sexchat choices.If one, longing for sexual pleasure, achieves it, yes, he's enraptured at heart. But if for that person — longing, desiring — the pleasures diminish, he's shattered, as if shot with an arrow.The 'flood' refers to the deluge of human suffering.To lay people the Buddha advised that they should at least avoid sexual misconduct which meant following generally accepted norms of sexual morality and behavior. From wife swapping to gangbang parties - join sexy couples on live webcams .Throughout the Sutta Pitaka the Buddha often compares sexual pleasure to arrows or darts.So in the Kama Sutta from the Sutta Nipata the Buddha explains that craving sexual pleasure is a cause of suffering.

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