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The site is meant to be a fun and safe community, where users with the same interests can chat, interact and meet.

The aim is to provide a platform for gay men who are into bdsm, leather and submission/domination fantasies.

Often, the relationship with a gay guy is less a case of “I refuse to conform to labels; this is what I do” and more “this is our thing, our secret”.

You can search, filter and chat with guys nearby in your home town or city, or widen your search using our 'location' feature.

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The guy was so charming and attractive, Blair felt compelled to ask why he was paying for sex."He told me: 'You don't pay a prostitute to have sex, you pay them to leave.'"I thought that was quite cute."The 21-year-old escort sees a different side of the dating scene; men who struggle to find dates, others who are on the fence about their sexuality, and some, like the client referred to above, who are only after one thing.

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He [a friend] told me it was where you went if you wanted to be 'sucked off'."In Wellington, Carmen's Coffee Lounge on Vivian Street was just one of many gathering spots for both gay men and women.

Prostitutes were available upstairs; those in the know would spell out their request via a code involving the placement of cups and saucers.

The Homosexual Law Reform Act, signed by the governor-general in 1986, eliminated the need for such secrecy. As recently as 30 years ago politicians were yelling from the pulpit that homosexuals should "go back to the sewers", so is it any wonder same-sex couples are still reluctant to hold hands in public?

My Gay Master is an online community for men with similar sexual desires to meet other, over 18, men.

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