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She looked small in that movie though; well what do we expect from a 19yrs old upcoming actress? I recall when I was in The Gambia, working for one of the privately owned Newspapers “Daily Express” – Genevieve Nnaji was our breakthrough into the market. Everyone wants to read about her, view her lifestyle at the back of the magazine. It is a known fact that Celebrities like hiding their age but we got hers – She was born on the 3rd of May 1979 and she is still a Single-Mum (Yes, had a child way back as a teenager) .

Genevieve Nnaji is fluent in Igbo Language and English as she attends the Yaba Methodist Girls College.

His first role was a minor role in the 1999 film A Little Inside.She has 2 brothers, Johnny and Ben and a sister Sarah.She met her present husband, Jared Padalecki on the sets of ‘Supernatural’.She sheared to lime light in one of Nigeria’s top movie buster way back in 1998 in the movie – “Most Wanted”. Therefore, let’s start with some quick biography of Genevieve Nnaji before entering other aspect of her life including Marriage, Daughter, date with D’banj and fervent prayers…Hope you all still recall that action movie that stormed Nollywood in 1998. At the age of 23, she was said to have erased all doubts of the fall of Nollywood in the heart of all viewers as her role in the movie “Sharon Stone” Genevieve Nnaji from just an ordinary Actress to a world class one across the continents of the world. ” and I was like “We will give you an exclusive of Genevieve Nnaji soon. winks Well, the Diva was born in Imo State, precisely in Mbaise as but goes by her most popular stage name (Genny) which has likewise gained ground.During an exclusive interview, made it known that she has been in the movie industry since her teenage era as she acts in “Ripples” far back when it was one of the most popular soap-opera’s in Nigeria.Now, let us surprise each and every one of you – She was 8yrs old then!Padalecki had an uncredited role as a high school bully in 2003's comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, which he played after being asked by fellow actor and friend Tom Welling, who played Charlie Baker, and the director of the movie, who wanted someone larger than Charlie to pick on him.Padalecki originally auditioned for Welling's role, but gave it up in order to film a pilot titled Young Mac Gyver which was never picked up.over the years has gain ground as one of the most popular and has gained her reputation as one of the most naturally going diva in the industry.She is not just a Nollywood Actress now, Genevieve Nnaji is also into all other forms of gigs which includes modelling, singing, business (her clothing lines) and most important of all, a mother to a daughter who looks unto her as a role model.

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