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Others are old enough to remember that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were once married.But most people do not recall any of Brad Pitt's previous girlfriends!But both times, the engagement ended up in a breakup.(Nope, Helena Bonham Carter isn't one of them)In the first installment of this (maybe continuous) series, we chronicled Tom Cruise's often stormy love life, and the request was made for Brad Pitt's past, and I aim to please, so here we are!Christina Applegate (43)Period: circa 1989Backstory: Another teenager. The short-lived fling ended on the date #1 when Applegate ditched Pitt at the MTV Movie Awards for another guy.She has repeatedly declined to say why exactly she ditched Pitt and for whom.The profile also reveals that Paltrow's road to Hollywood wasn't as easy as some might expect.Although she is the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and late director Bruce Paltrow, she didn't get a free ride while she waited for her big break.

On the last subject, Paltrow opened up about Brad Pitt, whom she started dating after co-starring with him in David Fincher’s 1995 thriller .”Paltrow was not the only person to fall in love with him at the time—she revealed that her parents were equally smitten with the star. The Goop founder offered slightly less glowing remarks about Ben Affleck, whom she dated and co-starred with in the 2000 drama .“He was not in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend,” the actress said of their time together, before suggesting that both her friends and her parents were supportive of her decision to break up with him. I had a girl’s dinner before the summer and she came over. I really like her a lot.”Paltrow also opened up about her friends Jay Z and Beyoncé, saying, “They’re the greatest people. However, things got awry thereafter and the two finally broke up in 1997.The report said that Paltrow is so confident about her skills in these matters that she began to reach out to her ex-fiancée and gave him counsel about the Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt divorce.The 49-year-old Brad Pitt had relationships with many women in Hollywood.In fact Brad Pitt was shifting from one relationship to another until he met Jennifer Aniston and married her.Brad Pitt has been around the block with his love life over his course of his career, although not much interest was given to his choice of partners until after the success of Se7en in the 90s. Pitt has had an interesting- and sometimes skeevy- mix of women in his life. Chapter One: The Many Loves of Tom Cruise Shalane Mc Call (42)Period: 1987Backstory: Sooooo, depending on who you believe, twenty-four year old Brad allegedly dated fifteen year old Shalane, a star on tv's Dallas (although her mother denies this). She was his first on-screen kiss, and there's not much available about them, probably due to the fact she was fifteen and Brad was twenty-four. Quote: N/ATrivia: I'm just going to spam with a shitload of pics because these pics are so corny, you guys.So let's all jump on the train, go down this journey together to the widely known conclusion. At the time, the press, including People mag, reported him as twenty-one year old Pitt. Sinitta Renet Malone (52)Period: 1987-88Backstory: She was British '80s pop singer who dated Pitt after he got his agent to call hers after seeing her on television.Well yes, 'Mr Good Boy' in Hollywood, Brad Pitt had more than a dozen girlfriends before finally getting stuck on Angelina Jolie.Brad Pitt's girlfriends were always an area of interest like Tom Cruise's high profile women.“My father was so devastated when we broke up,” she said. When Stern asked about a comment Paltrow previously made about Affleck—specifically, “He’d be better off dating a Scores stripper”—Paltrow laughed, “Well that was true at the time.”Paltrow said that she approves of Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Garner, though, and has spent some time with her. They are funny and sweet and they’re self-aware and they’re really intelligent.” When Stern asked whether Paltrow called them after the Solange elevator incident to check in, Paltrow revealed, “If any of my friends ever have anything like that, I call right away. You go into the room to rehearse and he is rolling his own cigarettes . “My father loved him like a son.” Although she refused to confirm that she dumped Pitt, she did talk about why the relationship didn’t end up working out.“I was such a kid,” she shared. It's taken me until 40 to get my head out of my ass. “Not only is she beautiful [but] she is so warm and she cooks and is so into her kids. If someone’s clearly going through something, I always go straight to it.”And on the subject of Johnny Depp, with whom she co-stars in the upcoming , she said, “I just felt like I am not cool enough [for him].

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