Internet dating axe murderer

The filing against him may have pushed Wiesner over the edge, and by August 2010, Wiesner snapped.Reports say he abducted Long and took her to a secluded area in Arizona where he shot and killed her.

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"This case is a stark warning to anyone who plans to meet someone following limited online contact", she said.They do happen, though — and when they do, they make national headlines.Through no fault of their own, these five victims ended up on Internet dates from hell that ultimately ended their lives.Robert Frederick Glass pleaded guilty to killing Lopatka and later died in prison while serving his sentence.In a case that might be regarded as a quasi-consensual homicide, "John," a teenage boy from Altrincham, England, allegedly tricked another teenager into killing him using long conversations in an online chatroom.Speaking for the first time since his sister Sharon Winters was murdered by online lover Kevin Hawke, Stephen urges women to be wary of meeting men on the internet."She was a lonely heart just wanting love," Stephen said of his sister."That animal preyed on her caring nature."I still can't believe someone would want to hurt my poor, defenceless sister in such a horrific manner," he added."That meeting must take place in a public place until one person feels they know someone well enough."Usha Patel invited this defendant to come to her flat, she had spoken to him on a number of occasions on the phone and they had exchanged photos of their children.Depending on the venue used, other terms used in the media are Internet chat room killer, Craigslist killer, Facebook serial killer.Internet homicide can also be part of an Internet suicide pact or consensual homicide.

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