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By 1975, Watson was a playing in the All Star game and prior to the 1976 season he was a member of the Canada Cup squad that won the tournament by dispatching the Czechoslovakian team.

In 1977 he joined a small group of players that have participated in an All-Star Game representing the Flyers at the mid-season classic.

Still, the collective reaction of disbelief — that a coach could be so abusive, that a university could sweep it under the rug, that players didn’t retaliate or walk away — is a curious one.

But early organizers knew that some adults would want to compete, so it is offered.

About 25 percent of our nearly 60,000 members enter pool or open water competitions.

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It sits uneasily with the reality that verbal, emotional and even physical abuse of players by coaches are commonplace behaviors, widely accepted and often encouraged in sports cultures and in American culture more broadly.

Further, it overlooks the fact that players are taught to accept such behavior as a necessary part of coaching, done for their benefit and edification, and discouraged from challenging team “discipline” or authority.

The majority of locations offering Masters Swimming programs have coaches on deck.

Coaches write workouts and provide feedback and instruction. When organized adult swimming started to become popular in the 1960s and 70s—the early years of USMS—the intent was that adults would swim to stay in shape.

The 2017-18 Coaching Application is available here for download. This a State Law and you can not go on the ice or coach without them. The good news is that they are now all free for volunteers, except for a notary fee for the waiver.

Applications must be dropped off at Iceworks at the main office. Coaches, assistant coaches, managers and locker room monitors may not do anything with kids until these are complete. Affidavit Exemption from FBI (fingerprint) Check: FBI Exemption Defenseman Jim Watson enjoyed a solid 10 year career spent entirely with the Philadelphia Flyers which included two Stanley Cup Championships (coming in his first two full seasons,) five NHL All-Star Game appearances and the title of NHL Plus/Minus Leader in 1980.

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