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Moreover, you can learn more about your style, see what animal you could be or make a personality quiz just for fun.Discover these numerous opportunities on the personality page of our site.

Hello and welcome to the Inu Yasha Wiki, the informative database for the manga and anime Inu Yasha that anyone can edit.Related quizzes can be found here: Inuyasha Quizzes There are 357 questions on this topic. Although Kikyo shot the arrow, she was never bound to a tree.Totosai wasn't even in the same episode as Inuyasha and Kikyo.Each of us has a certain personality profile, which distinguishes one person from the other.The totality of one's specific features and characteristics forms a complete personality profile, and you can define it for yourself by taking the tests and quizzes on this page.Want to know if you have similarities with your favorite celebrity or a film or book hero - take another test.You can also find out which professions would suit your personality if you stand before the difficult choice.Kannst du nicht glauben, dass du ein ´gewöhnlicher´ Mensch bist und möchtest du deshalb wissen, welches übernatürliche Wesen in dir stecken könnte?Mit diesem Test kannst du herausfinden, ob du eher eine Hexe, ein Werwolf, oder doch ein Vampir wärst! Ohne irgendwelche Programmierkünste kannst du jetzt dein eigenes Quiz entwickeln und dieses auf veröffentlichen. Und wenn du willst, kannst du dieses Quiz in deine Homepage einbauen! So einfach und schnell hast du deine Homepage noch nie aufgewertet.I know more about Sesshomaru than I’m putting on the test. We do, too - that's why we have compiled one of the best collections of today's most popular anime and manga games, including Naruto Games, Sailor Moon Games, and lots more!

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