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Messages range from "Diana, You have the prettiest green eyes I could ever imagine, I can't believe we have been dating for 1 year and 53 days" to "You are so beautiful.

Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you." You can select how often you want the app to send messages--whether that be twice a day or once every two weeks--and can even review your Keeper's history to remind yourself what you "said" and when you sent it.

AMBER Alerts are broadcast through radio, television, road signs and all available technology referred to as the AMBER Alert Secondary Distribution Program. Department of Justice coordinates the AMBER Alert program on a national basis. When signing up for AMBER Alerts you will receive geographically targeted information to help identify an abducted child, a suspected abductor or a vehicle suspected to be involved in an abduction. For information about how AMBER Alerts are distributed to cell phones visit

These broadcasts let law enforcement use the eyes and ears of the public to help quickly locate an abducted child. The AMBER Alert Program was named in honor of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman who was abducted while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas, and was later found murdered. These reports present an analysis of AMBER Alert cases during the reporting year.

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2015 AMBER Alert Report 2014 AMBER Alert Report 2013 AMBER Alert Report 2012 AMBER Alert Report 2011 AMBER Alert Report 2010 AMBER Alert Report 2009 AMBER Alert Report 2008 AMBER Alert Report 2007 AMBER Alert Report 2006 AMBER Alert Report 2005 AMBER Alert Report Countries around the world followed the success of AMBER Alerts in the U. Below is a list of countries with an alert program in place.

Feeling like the relationship with your telco provider is a bit unbalanced?

Tip the scales back in your favour by understanding the rules they need to follow when they deal with customers.

Apple's “Find My i Phone” is one good one and many security apps, such as AVG Mobilation, can track down a phone in seconds. Is there any chance your boss or spouse could be spying on everything you do on your phone? Spy apps are plentiful and can imperceptibly track text and e-mail messages, location, Web sites you visit, who you call and what photos and videos you shoot.

The problem is these apps are difficult to detect and run invisibly in the background.

Fortunately, there are a host of apps to help you along your way.

We've compiled a list of nine apps that could spice up your relationship, boost your love life, and make dating more fun--from sex tips, date ideas, randomly generated 'sweet nothings,' to event and chore coordination.

There are a number of important checks you should carry out before entering into a contract with a childcare provider to care for your children.

We suggest that you put together a file with a tick sheet which will help you to ensure you have seen each piece of evidence and talked to the childcarer about each aspect of your child’s care which you want to discuss.

Every day I receive emails that indicate my son’s location as he’s using his phone out in the world.

I can click on those links in my email to see via Google Maps where he is (although I very rarely do).

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