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,j);if(a.each(j,function(b)),r.debug)return this.filter(":not(." r.float Table Class ")").each(function(){function c(a)function j()function l()function p()function q()function s()function t()function u(a)function v(a,b,c,d)function w()function x(a)function y()function z()function A()var B=g.unique Id(), C=a(this);if("float Thead-attached"))return!"table"))throw new Error('j Query.float Thead must be run on a table element. Ball Holmes - Seeking information on the families of John & Margaret Barber, and his son, Jesse & Johanna (Shipman) Barber. Mary was the granddaughter of a Mc Donald Campbell. *Need BIRTH date & place for John Barber, b 1719 d in Uniontown, Warren Co. They were married around 1835, they moved to Ohio, and finally settled in Champaign County, Illinois. BARNES was born 1836 in Warren County, he also settled in Champaign County, Illinois. Theophilus' parents were Gershom and Mary (Miller) Barnes. The boys are chosen because their parents, respectively doctors and a dentist, are considered part of the bourgeois educated class, and therefore, are seen as a threat by Mao's government.The narrator of the story, and his best friend, Luo, who are now 17 and 18 years of age, come upon the most coveted female in the area, who is the daughter of the local tailor, and is thus nicknamed, "the Little Seamstress", as she helps her father with his work. Daughter, Elizabeth Alexander, alias Morrow, one cow.

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A greater part of the county was covered by the famous Black Swamp. Wife, Mary, household furniture to the value of 10. Sons, Matthew, Abisha and Jabesh and my 3 daughters, Experience Mc Harfy, Johanna Bud and Hopefull Hercules, remainder of estate to be equally divided between them. Witnesses Stephen Dod, Stephen Thompson, Daniel Thompson. Inventory, 4.43; made by Abraham Howell and Daniel Thompson.1798, Feb. Inventory, 0.36; made by Elias Hudson and John L. Daughters, Nancy and Hannah, to be maintained by sons, David and John. Check queries that are posted to see if any surnames fit in with surnames you are researching. To reply to a query, click on that person's email address to contact them directly. Is there a list of the residents of Warren County around 1820? Also I understand that I can get vital records from Trenton starting in year 1848. Hannan - Is there a way to research wills on the internet? Thompson was a member of those 2 organizations which were mentioned in his obituary. 7 1816, near Phillipsburg, Warren County, NJ, and died in Champaign Co., Illinois in 1894 and Nancy CYPHERS. Theophilus is my Gt-gt-gt-grandfather, and Christopher is my Gt-gt-grandfather. Born 1719, d , buried at Greenwich Cemetery, Stewartsville, NJ. Contact Joan Boothe - I'm looking for information on the family of Theophilus BARNES, born Aug. This book, written by Dai Sijie deserves a long look.Essentially, the storyline is that two boys, best friends to a point where they are more like brothers, are sent to a remote mountain village to be "re-educated" during the period of Mao's "Cultural Revolution".

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