Johnny knoxville dating history


TMZ has obtained documents, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, in which Knoxville (real name P. Clapp) cited "irreconcilable differences" in his nearly twelve-year marriage to wife Melanie.

We're told there is no prenup and Knoxville will pay spousal support.

made heroes (and a few victims) of poo-obsessed, ball-punching, vomit-spewing knuckleheads.

For the first time, Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee Man, and the entire crew tell the story of how they all fell together.

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JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: I was making my living doing commercials for things like ESPN, Mountain Dew, and Bud Light.

I was a complete whore because I had a young baby and I needed to make money.

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Aspiring actor and writer PJ Clapp moved to Los Angeles from Tennessee after graduating high school in the late ’80s.

After a decade of struggle, Clapp, nicknamed Johnny Knoxville, was married and the father of a young daughter.

I had an idea for an article where I would test different types of self-defense equipment on myself.

A few magazines wanted the story, but nobody wanted the liability.

Eventually, Steve-O’s videos made it into the hands of Jeff Tremaine (Jackass Creator/Director/Producer) who was working with Johnny Knoxville to create a stunt based reality show. In 2006, Paramount released JACKASS: NUMBER 2 in theaters and Steve-O continued to thrill audiences with his outrageous stunts.

In 2009 he competed on ABC’s hit show, DANCING WITH THE STARS, and lasted six weeks, despite an injury and having virtually no dancing ability whatsoever. Since then, Steve-O has become a New York Times Bestselling Author with the release of his memoir, ‘Professional Idiot,’ and has established himself as a force in the world of stand-up comedy.

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