Kaspersky stops after updating


If you are clicking all the right buttons and Kaspersky still won't open, try rebooting your computer, especially if the application worked fine the last time you were on.So i've just built a new computer and have installed kaspersky internet security, but when i try to do a database update it goes to 2% complete and doesn't go any further. Kaspersky is nowadays the best internet security software on the market. Even then, reality is Norton is just as good if not any superior to Kaspersky and quite honestly I would blindly trust Norton Security, Mc Afee, Trend Micro, F-Secure kind of more established organisation over some 3rd party so called internet security suit bullshit like Kaspersky, Avast, Eset or Bit Defender garbage etc.I have used Fire Fox for Years and I have ALWAYS been able to have the Kaspersky Add on in it. How do I get this statement (or whatever it is I need) to reinstall the Kaspersky Addon. I had to set up another account because I could not log into my Original account. I cannot (read: will not) use Fire Fox without Kaspersky incorporated into in.It also comes with quite a few useful bonus tools, and there are no duds in this collection of components. Like the standalone antivirus, the suite's main window has changed just a bit since the previous edition.

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It can be frustrating when Kaspersky does not work as expected, and while temporarily losing your virus protection is a valid concern, the fix is usually a simple one.Am I supposed to contact them for it and have them send it to you or what. I asked it to send my password, NO RESPONSE, I asked to send my user name, NO RESPONSE; in total three emails not received to try access my account.This used to be automatic and I am sure there are a lot of other people not happy about this. They did the same thing a few years ago, cut out a lot of addons and such and wouldn't do anything to help people get them back. Fire Fox updated to version 43.0.1 a little while ago and its all gone kaflewy (I'm trying very hard to stay polite). I just noticed below that Kaspersky is not even in my installed plugins list. I cannot (read: will not) use Fire Fox without Kaspersky incorporated into in.Start by performing the most typical troubleshooting steps, like checking for software updates that may affect Kaspersky's interface, then try a few slightly more advanced techniques, like reinstalling the application or checking for corrupt files.If Kaspersky suddenly does not open in the usual way, the first thing you should do is check for an updated version of the software.Clicking for problem details gets you easy access to the necessary fix.Kaspersky no longer bothers with certification from ICSA Labs or West Coast Labs, but it gets fantastic scores from four of the five independent testing labs that I follow.Updates may include patches specifically designed to correct the problem you are having.If you just recently downloaded the latest version, read the documentation that accompanied the update for any changes in functionality.You buy a security suite because you want all of your security components integrated and working well together. And all of these prices are frequently discounted, sometimes steeply.You get that and a lot more from Kaspersky Internet Security (2017), which brings together all of the expected suite components, including antivirus, firewall, spam filter, parental control, and phishing protection. The typical three-license pack costs .99 per year, but for more you can get five licenses. You can use each license on Windows, Mac, or Android, but the Windows product is by far the most feature-rich.

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