Leykis 101 rules of dating


And while you'd think that the blokes living in the world of the Double D's would have just about had enough of push-up bras, don't bet on it just yet.

Especially if they're real, as comedian Sarah Silverman writes in Esquire Magazine; "God-given breasts are rare ... And, to quote Alanis, thank you, disillusionment"...

* If the caller is one of her children, the man is already violating Leykis' 'no-single-mothers' rule.

* If the call is work related, and is deemed more important than the man now, it will always be more important.

_____________________ If a female answers a cell-phone call in the middle of dinner, Leykis advises that the male should immediately get up and leave.

If you can’t bang the women you bring home, then you won’t get your goals met.Leykis' logic follows that a man ignoring a woman for a work related call will actually make him look more "important and in control", thereby drastically reducing the "waiting period" women observe before having sex with men they're dating.Leykis claims that a woman will try to test a man, trying to focus his attention on her and, he believes, there's a good chance that sex might be part of the attention-getting hunt.Despite whatever protestations to the contrary, women do not want to be “The One” or the center of a man’s existence. I, of course, am talking about breasts: those whimsical charms that no matter what shape, size or contour, can turn men into bumbling idiots at the very sight of them. Never be in a committed relationship UNTIL you are 25 or really ready to settle down.Sponsored Post is ROK's official account that publishes sponsored posts from advertisers.Men see me with my 100-percent-original rack, and they are so appreciative." She adds that fake breasts have given real breasts more value and thanks a slew of celebrities who propelled fake bosoms into the mainstream. Silverman's boob-theory was confirmed to me while lounging about at a friend's hotel pool recently in La La Land, when my mate - a very hot Cougar in her 40s - whipped off her leopard-print caftan to expose her Pilates bod and a very natural cleavage spilling out from under her tiny bathing suit.Suddenly a horde of men (who hadn't noticed us until now) flocked to our deckchairs making weird excuses as to why they urgently needed to borrow our suntan lotion.On the other hand, if you have the right mindsets and techniques to consistently close the women you bring home, then a whole world of sexual possibility will open up to you: one night stands, casual or serious relationships, and a sense of confidence and power that will carry you through your days on point and feeling great.It’s the difference between spending three hours with a girl just for it all to go to waste, or spending those same hours and taking her as your newest lover.

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