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Megalithic culture Maritime contacts Sangam period Tamilakam Cheras Ays Ezhil Malai Confluence of religions Later Cheras Venad - Kingdom of Quilon Calicut Kolattunadu Cochin Minor principalities Portuguese period Dutch period Rise of Travancore Mysorean interlude British Period Battle of Quilon Communism in Kerala Unification of Kerala) are an ethno-linguistic group native to the South Indian state of Kerala and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep and have the Malayalam language as their mother tongue.

The Malayali community in India has a history of immigrants to the region from various parts of the world, as well as a unique sub-culture owing to the tropical environment of the state.

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Information in this document is being provided as-is without any warranty/guarantee of any kind. I love to laugh, and many times people have approached me just to meet who is behind the fabulous laughter they are hearing.

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