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at the Fort Douglas Post Theater, 245 Fort Douglas Blvd, Bldg 636, Salt Lake City, Utah 84113.

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When our family reject us merely for having discovered that we are gay, lesbian, bi or trans, or when church leaders promise us that our sexual orientation or our internal gender identity will change if only we have sufficient faith, the rejection and the failed promises shatter our trust and our ability to exercise faith in God.

This spiritual gathering will have the theme, “Healing Our Wounds,” and will take place Friday, March 31, 2017, starting at p.m.

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Speakers will include Wendall Hair, Ann Pack and John Bonner. It’s being able to go to a store and be treated with respect. For some, this was their first time interacting with other LGBT Mormons and being in an environment where they could be 100% authentic and not be worried about what others were thinking about them as LGBT individuals.

Responses to the updated “Mormon and Gay” web site from members of the LGBT Mormon community varied, from seeing it as a qualified step forward that may help straight Church members understand LGBT experience a bit better, to bitter disappointment at the narrow range of voices represented.

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