Marriage transitioning from dating to marriage

What I can give my thoughts on, however, is the transition process from being single to being engaged, and then from being engaged to being married. Get pre-marriage counselling We did a five week course with two other couples.

As a newly-wed, Anna is eminently qualified to write on the subject of transitioning into married life.

Either way, marriage isn't very conducive to living life on your own in this way.

After reading Emily's submission today, I promised myself I would give up the reigns and let someone in. It's not going to be fun - and quite honestly, fairly terrifying - but it's going to be GOOD.

Just to be clear, I am currently either straight or bi-curious male, who crossdresses. You should probably work a little more of this out before you decide to transition.

I will not undergo SRS surgery, and actually not that thrilled about HRT either. However that works, whether I have to take hormones, or whatever, sure fine. Your sexual attraction to people doesn't change because you put on a different type of clothes.

Looking back, this counselling was so important to our relationship.

It helped us both recognise how we naturally respond to situations and what our personality types were.

However, given the fact that he also interacts primarily within "the community", he is basically been in relationships with men who transitioned like him into womanhood. Your sexual attraction to people doesn't change because you put on a different type of clothes.

Good luck in any case ..wondering how it will affect relationships. Find a good therapist with experience in this area and start figuring things out.

So, thank you Emily for encouraging me to do this, and reminding me that it is About a month ago, my husband and I found ourselves at our dining room table celebrating the long-awaited engagement of our two best friends. My husband and I dated for five years before getting married, so we knew each other really well by the time we walked down the aisle.

At some point between hearing the re-telling of the engagement story, squealing (that was me, not my husband) over the perfect ring, and dreaming about the beautiful wedding to come, the couple mentioned that they wanted to know how we made the transition from dating to marriage, and what was the secret to our happiness.(okaaaay... In my memory, it went something like this: “You guys are soooooooo wise and happy and pretty much awesome at marriage, teach us your ways! We never lived together – in fact, we lived in different cities for the last 1.5 years of our courtship – but somehow we seemed to dodge the first-year-of-marriage-is-really-really-tough bullet.

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