Married dating site rating best


One 29-year-old woman says it helped her take revenge on her unfaithful husband.

A 45-year-old married man says it has helped prevent the break-up of his family.

Has the existence of sites like Ashley Madison encouraged and increased infidelity?

"It's hard to know if the new technologies increased infidelity because we have no bottom-line data," said Pepper Schwartz, a professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle."My guess, however, is that it has because there are many people who have a yen for sex outside their relationship but wouldn't have the slightest idea about how to do it or do it safely," Schwartz added.

For millions, adultery via the Internet has become the new normal.

Since the launch of the Canada-based Ashley Madison website in 2002, which created a sensation with its seductive slogan "Life is short, have an affair," the numbers turning to online infidelity have soared.

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Now granted to be fair I have only been on the site for two weeks and probably need to give it more time. First, yea, you are going to have to spend money to buy credits so you can message or chat with these girls Even though you are searching (you choose an area, like 20 miles away or 50 miles away) local you will get inundated with girls messaging you from all over the country, UK, Australia. I want to say "you want to meet, get your ass on a plane and come meet me." Oh, I forgot, you are not real. I'm 55, good looking mature man, but most of my contacts are girls anywhere between 23 and 27 years old. And guys, you will see pictures of beautiful ladies that you know have no worries in getting men in the "real" world that will contact you.

Tell them to go back to their job at Hooters and leave you alone. And you know what, you kind of feel sorry for them.

I was more than appalled, and somewhat humored to find that there are millions of married men and women searching online for that as en.would say, premier international affair.

” was the first thing that came to mind when I discovered websites like

This generation of married couples is sliding to an all-time low.

Instead of marriage counseling, self help, or simply talking marriage problems out, men and women are relieving their stress online.

Here I give you a list of ten online “cheater” websites.

I think im close to setting up my first affair on this site but ive been thinking that for a while now.

There are now dozens of similar websites offering the promise of extramarital relationships with domain names that are unabashedly direct, from

For Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, his site and others like it are merely facilitating a human desire that is as old as time."No one can show me a culture on the planet where infidelity doesn't happen," Biderman told AFP.

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