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via GIPHYAnyway, the website is available in 12 languages, including English, French and Arabic.

According to The Local, the website was designed to 'give migrants who have been in Germany for a short time, the opportunity to inform themselves on sexual and reproductive health.'So you can see where the confusion has arisen. Other advice included on the site is for women (what about blokes?!

Germany’s cabinet has just approved a bill stating that all convicted gay men who were prosecuted after World War 2 will have their convictions overturned.

Any gay man that was convicted between 1949 – 1969 who are still alive can expect to receive financial compensation for any suffering that they endured under the legislation.

68 suspects were asylum seekers; 18 were residing in Germany illegally, and the legal status of 47 others was unclear.

Four suspects were underage, unaccompanied refugees. Jürgen Mathies, the new Cologne police chief, said many of the perpetrators were from countries where they might be familiar with "this behaviour, where women are hemmed in and then abused by a large number of men at once".

The Munich court found that the woman, referred to as Gabriele attacked her boyfriend in 2008 while he was tied to a bed and wearing blacked-out swimming goggles, according His family had initially thought his disappearance was the result of running away to Romania.It says: 'sexual coercion, sexual abuse, and rape', are crimes, and anyone who commits them will be 'severely punished for it'. Anything to help educate people on sex is good, I guess. The Cologne assaults were not reported by the national media for days, and The Local says many news outlets started reporting it only after a wave of anger on social media made covering the story unavoidable.Although Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker condemned the assaults, she was strongly criticized for some of her comments and was accused of blaming the victims.We’re closing 2016 by republishing our ten most-read articles of the year. 5: Ivar Arpi’s piece, which was written following the mass sex attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne.In his article, Arpi says that authorities in Sweden covered up similar incidents involving migrant men It took days for police to acknowledge the extent of the mass attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne.He had returned to the attic they share, whereupon he blindfolded himself – a common occurrence – and they proceeded to have sex.He asked Gabriele to tie him to the bed, whereupon she took the saw and cut into his neck and chest.The foundation is currently going through the process of collating the life stories of those men who were convicted under the legislation.Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, said that the rehabilitation of men who ended up in court because of their homosexuality has long been overdue.

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