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I wanted to give you all an update on the Spring Jr. This year we plan to have two (2) midget showcase teams.

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The second submarine entered the harbour at about 9.48 pm and headed west towards the Harbour Bridge, causing a general alarm to be issued by the Naval Officer in Charge, Sydney.

Soon, children in the neighborhood also began calling him "Midget Molley" to help distinguish him from his many siblings.

Because many children tried to capitalize on Molley's small stature, the young man learned to use his mind to his advantage.

"It is one more avenue to make fun of their stature." Roloff credited the producers of the show for consulting with his group in an apparent effort to develop and promote the show in a sensitive manner.

While the LPA neither supports nor endorses the program, Roloff said he would withhold judgment until he sees it.

• Players will be evaluated by Janesville Jets NAHL coaching staff.

: • Practices will be on selected Sundays beginning in mid-April. • There will likely be 3 practices for each team prior to each tournament.

"My sense is that they probably didn't do anything too derogatory." But the retired software design and sales executive said he remains troubled about the idea of throwing averaged-sized women into the mix, an element of the show he called "ill-advised" and potentially hurtful to his members.

"Personally, I think that the (bachelor) guy might have the same tastes I have and prefer a little woman and reject the average-sized women," he said.

Molley's aunt noticed that the young boy wasn't growing as quickly as the other children in the family, and jokingly called him a midget.

As Molley reached his adult height of 5 feet 2 inches, the name persisted.

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