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Sheldon invites her into his apartment to wait until the locksmith arrives to open her door.Penny sarcastically refuses, saying she would rather sit and wait in the hallway while sobbing like a three-year-old.When spring comes to the lands of Eldevin the bluppities start hiding their chocolate eggs throughout the realms!This years Springtime Celebration is now live and will run until the 26th of April.For privacy, don't use your real name or email address and don't give any other players personal information during the game, even if they claim to be Maid staff. Please read the Maid Rules of Conduct for additional information regarding privacy and safety.

Drag the right mouse button to orbit the camera around your character and look around the world.

The active invasion information display has been changed with a ne...

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Welcome to the Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG, a massive multiplayer online role playing game where you defend your honor in combat with players from around the world.

Sherwood features an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters.

Sherwood Dungeon does not require you to sign up for an account.

From the login screen, enter the name you would like in the game world where it says "Player Name" and press the Login button.

Leonard comes back to see a cat eating Penny's ice cream outside her apartment from her groceries that got dumped after her grocery bag broke open.

When he enters his apartment, he sees Penny, now obsessed with Age of Conan, and Sheldon who is helping her.

Sheldon becomes distracted from playing Age of Conan by Penny, who accidentally tried to use her car keys to open her apartment door.

Sheldon learns that Penny is frustrated by her failures in life, as she complains about not getting into any of the parts in plays she's tried out for, not having sex for six months, not receiving a raise at work and on her way up the stairs, she swallowed a fly, before the bottom of her grocery bag falls out and spills her groceries on the floor, which proves the final straw as she breaks down and begins to cry.

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