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Lou Teasdale Lou Teasdale was One Direction's hairstylist since the very beginning, so it's pretty obvious she's super close with all the 1D boys, like, helloooo: BUT THEY DID NOT DATE.

In attendance: Niall Horan (left on Saturday night) is said to have shared a sporty date with ANTM star Jessica Serfaty (right, in July 2015) at MGM Grand Garden Arena and reports suggest they're now dating Eligible: Niall has been enjoying his One Direction hiatus in Los Angeles, where he also reportedly spent Sunday night with Jessica at the LA Galaxy game, after being seen here at the training ground that afternoon Niall is said to have invited the beauty to the LA Galaxy football game the next night where they were pictured sitting next to each other and 'flirting in the box' that was dedicated to the international boyband singer at the Stub Hub Center in California.

I suppose this will be the last time I have it on - for a while at least.

But we can all breathe easy, because here are some of the celebrities that Harry hasn't dated, but everyone thought he did.1. So in December 2014, Harry fans freaked the freak out when they saw this pic of Harry walking with a mystery girl in London, and 2." Harry shut the rumors, replying, "She's not my girl!I know what you're doing." Another Harry girlfriend rumor squashed by the man himself.6.Rumors linking Selena and One Direction crooner Niall Horan have been swirling, and now Niall has responded to questions about the possibility of the two dating, including a response to a query as to whether he would battle Justin over Gomez.noted that Selena achieved “the ultimate comeback at this year’s American Music Awards,” taking home the Best Female Artist award and earning praise for her moving acceptance speech, with those touched by her speech including “rumored ex Niall Horan.” Horan was seen hugging Gomez at the awards show.Mystery Girl of December 2014Harry Styles has a history of getting a girlfriend right around the holidays. Katy Perry After daring to arrive and leave a restaurant at the same time, Harry Styles and Katy Perry were rumored to be dating.Now, no one knows what happened in that restaurant, but the rumors of a feud between Katy and Harry's ex, Taylor Swift, only fueled the dating rumors.] As sad as it is, the singer and Tay Tay are totally right about gals getting more flack about their dating life than guys do!At least Ellie doesn't really let the dating rumors get to her publicly — not like she has to worry about that, she has a loving man in her life and we have a feeling it'll be that way for a while!As for how Horan feels about Gomez now, he turned to Twitter following her acceptance speech for Favorite Female Artist at the 2016 AMAs. In a new interview, Niall praised her as “very beautiful” and responded when asked if he would battle Justin Bieber for her, according to “Would you be willing to fight [Justin] Bieber though?He seems to still be in love with her,” noted the interviewer.

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