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If you’ve caught a glimpse of Pinterest lately, you already know that the DIY wedding movement has a lot of inertia.

We firmly believe that a real wedding photographer is an essential part of any wedding, but adding some DIY touches can be a fantastic way to create a wedding that best suits you.

Long-ago separated couple Deborah Brosnan and John Robertson apparently contributed to the high-pressure environment with their ongoing tension.

Scarlett Cooper may provide the reunion's most dramatic scenes, claiming to local police she was chased by a camera crew and assaulted by one of the producers.

You can make your lighting setup as simple or intricate as you like, as demonstrated in our recent lighting how-to.

Each therapist is solely responsible for the mechanism of communication used, and responsible for the privacy of their clients. While all our therapists are credentialed and licensed in their area of practice, some states and provinces may have local regulations governing out-of-area distance counseling.

Your chosen therapist is responsible for the legality and legitimacy of their distance therapy sessions and we recommend you verify compliance with them before beginning any remote session.

Since most families have gone nuclear and there is no one to keep an eye on their property or children, parents are now taking the help of technology to do remote parenting.

These internet protocol CCTV cameras (IP cameras) can be used to prevent theft, vandalism and destruction of property by providing valuable video records of any motion that occurs.

To start, simply tape a large piece of fabric or paper to a wall or door to serve as the backdrop.

Depending on your lens and the width of your background, set up your camera and tripod at a distance that would allow you to capture at least four people side-by-side – the more people that can fit in the shot, the better.

It's the television experiment where strangers are matched by relationship experts and walk down the aisle without seeing so much as a photo of each other beforehand.

And Married At First Sight's fourth season had a plethora of behind-the-scenes moments take place that might have been more explosive than the ones on-camera.

She defended her television spouse calling her 'frigid', saying it was due to how 'uncomfortable' the couples all were with the psychologists' 'endless questions'.

The subsequent vow renewal scenes were apparently heavily scripted, with one source relating how each contestant's tender words were 'likely signed off on.'And as for the final reunion scenes, airing this Sunday and Monday, the drama on-set that unfolded when the cameras weren't rolling was reportedly 'out of control'.

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