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D (Saint Paul University/University of Ottawa) Brian A. His teaching areas include the religious thought and wider intellectual biography of prominent eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Anglo-American and Continental European public intellectuals, the unique relationship between the scientific profession and Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment religious thought, the intellectual origins of modern Western European religious rationalism and secularization, and online teaching/virtual classrooms. He joined the faculty of Wycliffe College in 1998 as college librarian, and continues as theological librarian in the John W. As adjunct professor of church history his teaching interests focus on Irish church history, Celtic Christianity, and evangelical spirituality in the 18th century. In addition to his responsibilities as an adjunct professor of Theology at Trinity, Fr. Athanasius Theological Seminary, which is affiliated with the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States. Drama Sally Armour Wotton studied acting with Uta Hagan and worked in live theatre and TV in New York City for ten years. Formerly a choral scholar at King’s College, Cambridge, Jesse is an experienced practitioner of sacred music, with a particular interest in Gregorian chant. He has served on the Anglican Church of Canada’s Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee, as a member of the Primate’s Theological Commission, and the Hymn Book Task Force. Upon his return to Toronto in 2004, he joined the Faculty of Divinity, Trinity College. He has taught history at the University of New Brunswick and the University of Toronto. Verena Coptic Orthodox Church (SMSV), which is the first multicultural missionary Coptic Orthodox Church in North America and has a growing congregation representing over 40 different ethnicities of Canadians. Pishoy is currently leading a major construction project to build a new home for SMSV in Markham, which will also serve as a community centre offering special programs for immigrants. His research has focussed mainly on the history of the Divine Office (the daily “hours” of prayer observed in religious communities) in the medieval West. Walter Deller worked for the Diocese of Toronto from 1991-2001 as Coordinator of the Logos Institute, and then as Director of Program Resources. Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Old Testament and Congregational Life, at the College of Emmanuel and St. In 2009 he spent time travelling and living in the Diocese of Masasi in southern Tanzania. Dunn and Chris Ambidge, (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 2004); and “Lectionary, Church and Context—The Disaster of the Revised Common Lectionary.” Liturgy Canada 11/1 (2005). He has also collaborated with colleagues at the University of Saskatchewan on micro-historical and archival analysis relating to the impact of government policy and social change on the health of northern First Nations communities over the course of the twentieth century.

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” These words were written by Ben Weisman to be sung by Elvis Presley, but I’ve often heard a variation of them by unmarried Christians beginning to get romantically involved with a non-Christian.

He is presently engaged in a number of Art and Theology projects and is a member of the curatorial team for the international art exhibition “Incarnation: A Recovery of Meaning.” Contact Michael Steinhauser here. He is also researching theological education at Trinity College Dublin's Faculty of Divinity in the 19th century.

He has written numerous articles in academic journals and translated Peter Lampe’s book Christians in Rome in the First Two Centuries. His dissertation, currently being prepared for publication as a monograph, explored the pertinence of Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy for liturgical theology, as exemplified in the Byzantine Rite’s “Great Blessing of Water.” His most recent publication is a chapter on Orthodox sacramental theology, 16-19th centuries, in the forthcoming (2015) B. He co-edited Converts and Conversion in Ireland, 1650-1850 (2005), to which he contributed two essays: "The theology and liturgy of conversion, from Catholicism to Anglicanism", and "' A weighty serious business': the conversion of Catholic clergy to Anglicanism." Current research interests include working on a new book provisionally entitled, Ministers and Mines: Religious Controversy in an Irish Mining Community, which deals with the impact of evangelicals on a copper mining community in mid-19th century Ireland. Pishoy Salama was born in Giza, Egypt, and immigrated with his family to Toronto in 1984. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Toronto as a youth counsellor until he was ordained as a priest in the same church in 1999.

Such an article would include a clearer picture of what marriage looks like: making decisions about career, where to live, how to spend money, how to raise children, etc.

All of this is compounded when you and your spouse are living for different things.

A coffee shop near the university — that’s where our story started.

I can remember, in vivid detail, walking into that familiar cafe with absolutely no clue I was about to meet her. Again and again, the people of God remember their origins.

” I say that the biblical issue here is not how you meet, but whom you marry. Let’s just get this clear and then I will circle around to the other.

A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives, but if her husband dies she is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord. So biblically the bottom line for the follower of Christ is: Will you marry only a believer.

As I stepped in, I saw a beautiful young woman, whom I had never seen before, sitting on a couch. An ordinary night instantly transformed into “the rest of my life.” That was our beginning, seventeen years ago. In her histories (1 Samuel 12:8; 2 Kings ), in her poetry (Psalm 81:4–10), and in her prophecies (Daniel ; Amos 3:1) God retells the story of creating a nation for himself. Because remembering our past helps us make it through our present while we anticipate our future (Hebrews –26).

Couples who are just entering that beginning stage are a sight to behold. Even the most grounded men and women can be brought to a giddy, distracted mess.

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