Perv sex chat

At the same time, I was receiving a constant stream of messages from a man I’d made a vague commitment to go for a coffee with.Coffee man ended every text with a stream of questions, sent a follow-up message if I didn’t respond within a few hours, and replied to my increasingly monosyllabic responses instantly, with more questions.Hayes, from Bamber Bridge, Lancs., was only stopped when Devon and Cornwall Police arrested a man who had engaged in a lurid online chat with him.The perv pleaded guilty to seven charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in pornography, five counts of possessing indecent images and films of children ranging from category A — the most serious — to C.Anyway, lesson learnt, I won’t be texting him for a bit of casual affirmation again anytime soon.

A US undercover agent saw the post and began communicating with Quinn.Quinn told him of his wish to rape a boy and authorities set up the sting for when he arrived in LA in May.The Melbourne man claimed he had never molested a child before his arrest and the sting was the first opportunity offered him.Sick John Hayes, 66, scoured children's online chatrooms to find victims across the globe, including children in Africa and Asia.A court heard the married father was directed to unwitting child victims by other paedophiles, who shared information on who was vulnerable online to be exploited.And lastly he admitted two further charges — of distributing an indecent image of a Swedish boy being abused and others images of a nine-year-old in January 2014.In total he admitted 14 vile child sex-related offences relating to children aged as young as 12 years-old. Disgusted Judge Jacqueline Beech told him: "You have a sexual interest in children."Your criminality involved inciting children to engage in sexual activity or at the very least that is what you thought you were doing."You even procured a mother who purported to be in desperate circumstances to perform sex acts for money while allowing you to make lewd requests."Your attempts to incite children into sexual activity were disgusting and more reprehensible."Your behaviour was manipulative and amounted to grooming."You have recently suffered prostate cancer but this is not something that would cause the court to step back from custodial sentence."You pose a high risk of re-conviction for sexual offences." The judge added Hayes’ behaviour records of his online chat history with children indicated he later went on a webcam to correspond with them during his sick abuse from September 2013 and June 2014.But Judge Walter showed little leniency, sentencing Quinn to the 12-year term prosecutors had sought. The veteran judge described Quinn's desire to attend what he believed was a paedophile party at an LA hotel room and pay a pimp $US260 to allow him to rape a young boy as "absolutely disgusting", "ghastly" and "despicable".The party was a sting set up by undercover American authorities who had been communicating with Quinn online for several weeks before he left Melbourne on a rugby trip to the US with some of his Chargers teammates."Aussie perv, heading to the US late May/June interested to meet others while I'm there.Judge Barry Berlin sent the defendant to prison and said: "You exploited and took advantage of this boy after gaining his trust through your age and the location."You did not know him and did not appreciate the temple CCTV was filming you when you invited him in a grandfatherly way to sit on your lap – but you had no intention of acting as a grandfather to him.

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