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The Coby DP-151sx Digital picture frame keychain seems to be ripe for hacking.At roughly , you get a screen, and Li-Ion battery.That’s not bad considering a similar screen alone would cost elsewhere even though it runs on a slower serial connection.While they’ve only put a 3 color pattern on it so far, more can’t be far behind.Click on the "Search" bar and then type "Update" into it. Click on the Windows Update icon from the window that appears on the screen.Click the "Check for updates" icon from the software menu.All versions of the software must be downloaded through the Windows Update application.Click your "Start" button on the lower left hand side of the screen.

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Windows 7 has a new version for the operating system.Check the little box next to the "Photo Viewer" icon and then click the "Install Updates" icon at the bottom of the page.Wait for the updates to finish installing and then click the "Restart" icon from the window that appears on the screen.The stylish rubber housing will keep your files protected from moisture, dirt and shock.Small enough to carry on your keychain so you can take your files with you wherever you go.Store all your music, photos and videos and play them back on any Media Player such as the Patriot Box Office.Portable Yet Plenty of Storage Don't let the physical dimensions fool you, the Patriot Xporter Mini USB may be small in size but it can store tons of data and has pretty fast read and write speeds.Available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, you can easily store, carry and transport your favorite media (music, photos, videos) and school or work documents.Whether moving or saving your valuable data, Xporter Mini is the perfect choice.The Windows Photo Viewer is an imaging software package that allows people to view their digital photos on their computer screens.If you have an outdated version of the Windows Photo Viewer, you will need to update it through the Windows Update feature on your computer.

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