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47 Villiers Street, WC2 Olivia Cole, journalist The Bathhouse Built in the 1890s, this Turkish bathhouse near Liverpool Street has only a small kiosk in the old churchyard hinting, Tardis-like, at the labyrinthine complex beneath the pavement.This was a steamy netherworld of marble, mosaics and plenty of twiddly bits creating 'an arena in which health, pleasure, culture and curiosity could collide; a mystical world far from restrictive Victorian society'.After working as a journalist in London, New York and Los Angeles for more than a decade and accumulating well over the three years and 6,000 investigative hours required by the state of California, Catherine obtained her PI license in 2013 and opened The Townsend Detective Agency.Catherine and the agents she worked with brought their expertise in the area of human relationships to every case and specialized in human intelligence, unique undercover work, and creative problem solving.'Sex is in the air all the time – I stopped counting how many couples I saw slobbering each other down in public.Someone I met there told me they once saw a couple getting it on in a cemetery.'In Argentina, people often live at home until they're married.Meet bright minds from traditional finance and fashion houses, as well as exciting fintech and fashion tech start-ups. Members will be treated to a complimentary glass of fizz to kick things off, then choose from the extensive wine list.We are vampires in the summer when it comes to cocktail bars.

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And she writes about them all: The good, the bad and the gnaw-your-arm-off-at-the-elbow ugly.

We tracked down some people living abroad to find out how population pressure and changing attitudes are affecting how - and where - they have sex?

Buenos Aires 'Argentines love sex and they are not shy about it at all', says Jennifer Poe, a New Yorker who moved to Buenos Aires in 2007.

Social Concierge is a private dating events club for 20/30something Londoners. Apply Now We’re hosting a Canary Wharf party where we’re flipping things around and single gents enjoy an OPEN BAR for the first hour. We are pleased to be partnering with the private Bar at Momo’s to host a stunning March event, Marrakech Nights.

Vetted members gain access to private dating cocktail parties, dinners and partner events aimed at a well educated, driven and sociable crowd. The Moroccan-themed event will take place in Piccadilly, starting at 8pm with a complimentary cocktail reception. Hotel bars can be a stuffy but this one we wish we’d discovered months ago. So we’ve booked out the sultry basement members club at Lights of Soho for a drinks party for 80 and a lot of drinks on the house.

Young journalist Catherine Townsend moves to London to start a new life with her amazing British boyfriend.

But when he dumps her – via email – before her plane touches down at Heathrow, she finds herself literally kicked to the curb.

Based on the 1940s film, guests will be dressing to the nines, with hints of Old Hollywood romance – whether a pocket square, smoking jacket, pearls or a long silky dress.

We’re excited to present THE highlight party for 2017, Casablanca.

Sex in single beds; having to stay silent during sex and how on earth to use a vibrator when your mum/best friend are in the next room.

Such are the complaints that I hear endlessly from UK based (vaguely) self-respecting 20-somethings.

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