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His previous tribal tattoo’s were said to mean “absolutely nothing” in a past questionnaire but since Randy has added more meaningful body art to himself including his daughter’s name “Alanna” on his left forearm placed beside a large red rose and her date of birth in roman numerals.

He has said his new tattoo’s, which sleeve both his arms, mean various things but their private and doesn’t intend on revealing those meanings publicly. If anything should need to be removed please contact us for immediate removal from our servers.

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Born and raised in Rosedale, Maryland, a community within Baltimore County, Maryland, Keibler studied ballet, jazz dance and tap dance at a dance school nearby in Dundalk. At least I can still see him, although I've only seen him twice since he left the WWE because I don't watch TNA that much. I can't wait to see him back in the ring again and get back the title from Rey. She later became one of the cheerleaders for the NFL's Baltimore Ravens, being the youngest of the group.Stacy also attended Towson University while earning near-perfect grades in Mass communication. Then Randy decides he wants Stacy Keibler, the only girl in school who isn’t impressed with him. A great wrestler, probably one of the there ever will be. Ashley Massaro: I was actually rooting for Leyla to win but I'm not complaining. I think that she is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing personality! Best friends, Randy Orton and John Cena are forced to drive thousands of miles from New York to L. Randy – SRandy Orton and his friends John Cena and Chris Jericho own Bayville High, and they could get everything they wanted.— Inverted headlock backbreaker — Chinlock — Jumping knee drop — European uppercut — Gutwrench elevated neckbreaker — Standing dropkick — Body scissors — Scoop powerslam — Rapid forearm shots to head and chest of a seated opponent — Elevated DDT — OVW Hardcore Champion (2) — Seventeenth Triple Crown Champion — WWE Intercontinental Champion — WWE Tag Team Champion — WWE Heavyweight Champion (3) — WWE Champion (8) — WWE World Heavyweight Champion (1) All media, photos, trademarks and copyrights seen on are owned by their respective companies. He has the perfect package and his heel character only makes him that much hotter! As Miss Hancock she was known for doing table dances, her relationship with David Flair, and a pregnancy angle.Beginning at the age of three, Keibler took ballet, jazz, and tap dancing classes at Jean Kettell Studio of Dance in Dundalk, Maryland. Clement Mary Hofbauer School in Rosedale for her early schooling.

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