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If you are not a person who believes in love before marriage, then arranged marriage would suit you right.

A marriage, which is just perfect for you and you feel happy in that relationship.

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Now imagine that you come upon a formation like this: What do you think of it? How can you make any conclusions about rock layers that make such a crazy arrangement?

They are duplicated here with permission of the author, Evelyn Farbman, and the publisher, Houghton Mifflin Inc.

The seventeen quizzes with a gold marble were written by the English faculty at an estimable midwestern university and are used here with the permission of that department.

Some marriages are based on love while other marriages are all about compromise in life.

Do you think it is the right time to take that wedding vow? What does your wedding astrology tell about your marriage? Do you know your compatible sign or which zodiac sign is perfect for you?

Geologists establish the age of rocks in two ways: numerical dating and relative dating.

Numerical dating determines the actual ages of rocks through the study of radioactive decay.

- Law of Superposition, Principles of Original Horizontality & Cross-Cutting Relationships.

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Using question forms (Do you think, Why don't we, etc.), past tense modal forms (could, might) and "hesitators" (possibly, perhaps, maybe, etc.) makes it clear that the speaker is not trying to take the position of decision maker.

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