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"If it's done in a beautiful way, in a way that honors the female form, then I'm always happy to see it," Chaplin continued.

I put together a real portfolio – but I didn’t actually date anybody…’ In Dates, Chaplin plays Mia, a spiky character who, in separate episodes, finds herself caught up in full-on love games with Will Mellor and Ben Chaplin (no relation).

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Actress Oona Chaplin through the screen of the Game of Thrones showcased her passionate and romantic side.

Through the character of Talisa Maegyr, Oona shared an ardent kiss with her on-screen hubby Richard Madden(Robb Stark).

While her hotness has forever left a mark in every movie, she has played on the other hand her singularity had baffled her beloved.

Is she enjoying her on-screen boyfriends or is she involved in any mysterious relationship which would neatly point at her sexual preference?

Caption: Oona (Talisa) with Richard Madden( Robb Stark) in the Games Of Thrones (2012-2013).

While revealing her kissing experience Oona claims Richard to be the best kisser filled with skills, however, in real life, the actress has completely under cast the idea of dating her on-screen husband.

Clarke's naked figure was a familiar sight during the first season of the show, but has become a rarity in recent episodes.

Chaplin, for her part, is happy to do the occasional nude scene.

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