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Younger men are more likely to do the bar thing, or to be more inclined to find ladies at the gym, the supermarket, the golf or tennis club.But as life slows a little and perhaps work and other commitments become more onerous, many men simply decide that it is perhaps fate that leaves them partnerless. Because in my experience so many of these men are absolutely able to find someone if they take the effort to 'get out' and do it.Honey G will have to rely on pure musicality on Saturday's show as David Bowie's estate has refused to allow her to adapt the lyrics to Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby, which samples Bowie's Under Pressure.David Bowie's director son took to Twitter to announce the birth of Stenton David Jones, who was born exactly six months after the legendary musician passed away following a secret battle with cancer.Ashes are scattered by the undertakers or returned to the family.

Remember the “no presents please” diktat optioned by President Mandela for his 90th birthday? Now, however, we are all doing it – and way before we hit 90.'The first album I ever bought was Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars so to actually meet the man in person I was totally star struck and for once I just couldn’t get any words out.It was quite amazing''You know I was just (A) Working with David Bowie, gosh!I think zero-fuss funerals might well be on the same trajectory.Both David Bowie and the novelist Anita Brookner, who died this week, went for “direct cremation”, where the body is sent straight to the cremator from hospital or home, with no attendance or ceremony. And music fan Val Kilmer lamented the death of Chris Cornell in an emotional social media posting on Sunday.The 57-year-old Willow legend linked his passing to the death of fellow music stars Prince and David Bowie, and insisting that the world needs 'more songs.' ..Lawyers handling the rock icon’s affairs have set a deadline for claims from those who think they may be entitled to a slice of his £80 million fortune - after he confessed to being ‘incredibly promiscuous’.The shortage on the NZ dating scene is not so much anything to do with statistical differences or demographics, but rather a 'culture' that sees men less likely to seek dating help.In my experience there is often a distinct lack of men who will make the effort to actually seek dating help, but once they do they can quickly find a partner. Many men who are on their own and without partners will tend to 'stick with the boys' and do boys' things, rather than actively seek another partner, particularly if they are middle-aged or late middle-aged.There is a lot to be said for this minimalist option, not least cost; direct cremation costs £1,000, even the simplest funeral and cremation is upward of £3,000.Crucially, it also cancels at a stroke what my mother would call the “mawkish” nature of many funerals, particularly in church.

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