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He's actually a sweetheart," the former Baywatch star explained. I think he's really cool." PHOTOS: Rockstar romances Electra ended her four-year engagement with Robert Patterson earlier this year, and Cowell ended his two-year engagement with makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy also earlier this year.

In a recent thread someone mentioned a story about Diane Keaton.

Said she was being interviewed and the interviewer asked her about who was gay in Hollywood, and her answer was something along the lines of "Who isn't?

"I heard that r5, which is why she moved on to someone who could really fuck her and get her pregnant.

But he wants too desperately to be seen as STRIGHT PUSSY HOUND TURNED FIANCE EXTRODINAIRE!

I don't know, maybe he's getting some One Direction ass on the side.

It would be kind of amazing if he hosted, because Simon Cowell's one of the judges.

As for whether he'd take it, watch the video and judge for yourself.

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PHOTOS: Hottest celebrity hookups of 2012 "She's not my girlfriend," Cowell, 53, explained when he called in to judge is smitten with Electra. " he asked Seacrest of the 40-year-old actress/model.

"I thought we would just sit there, like I do during commercial breaks," she said.

"[On my show] there's dancing; there's all kinds of stuff.

But he is not going to tell a reporter that he is watching it. And when Dannii referred to it SHE was accused of homophobia!

If he did he would have to comment on the judges, he knows he would not be able to compliment them with a straight face. Does anyone believe his relationship with Mezhgan is real? When Joe Mc Elderry won it didn't take long for an "I'm not gay" headline to come out, when he clearly was.

Jude Law basically outed Hayden Christensen a few years ago when he was asked about the tablois rumors about Hayden and Sienna Miller; Law said "Hayden is more likely to be interested in me than Sienna". Well, that could explain his very plain looking wife.

What about James Spader, his wife was also very plain homely looking, not sure if he's still married to her, but I do remember being very shocked when I finally saw what his wife looked like.

They are clearly off now and the apparent animosity may have occurred due to Ryan refusing to either host or judge Simon's upcoming X-Factor show--the show being the only thing that gets it up for the aging Simon these days. But I'm sick of Simon being the main hypocritical homophobe, and Ryan getting the brunt of it all from everyone. I think he cares more about work that dating women (or men). I don't think he's gay in the sense that he enjoys sex with men, (what a disgusting mental image) but I don't believe for a second he has really had proper relationships with the women he's been linked with throughout the years, especially when they've all his girlfriends look like ladyboys.

for me to think he's risking being with men too much. I had heard that Ryan and Simon had been in a sexual relationship with each other off and on since close to the beginning of Idol's run.

Pictures and songs will be used along the way to take you back to yesteryear—and for those who'd like more info, see the additional author's note at the bottom.

I believe Cowell is checking in on AI, if only to feed his ego that he was much better than the current judges. And *IF* Simon is straight(and I think there is more of a chance of Tom Cruise being a pussy hound) then that was more directed at Derek than Ryan. To either be his girlfriend or his beard because shes much younger and hotter(though I think she's ordinary) than Mishmash. He was probably crying in his imported beer over the latest ratings and the major talent on this season. Of course it's possible that Ryan IS dating Derek and Simon is a jealous asshat about it. Aside from Ryan "dating" Julianne, there is nothing to link Ryan and Derek. You can tell that he's trying his best to please mummy(who ironically can't seem to stand Mezhgan) and Fox execs. Danyl Johnson, as openly gay as they come and with a pretty long list of sexual partners in London (including Russell Tovey) was the early favourite for the series he appeared in, so fearing any kiss and tell stories, they flooded the tabloids with stories about how he was bisexual - a ladies man who also flirted (and occasionally slept) with men.

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