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The White Princess is a follow-up to 2013’s The White Queen, and recounts the conclusion of the Wars of the Roses, where the houses of York and Tudor are joined together through Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) of York, played by Jodie Comer, and King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy).

The series also delves into the machinations of the young couple’s murderous mothers, the Dowager Queen Elizabeth (Essie Davis) and Margaret Beaufort (Michelle Fairley), as they struggle to regain or keep their power.

"I kind of struggled for three years while getting the occasional small part.

I don't know whether I would have been able to keep pushing for as long as she does." Ryan Gosling co-stars as Sebastian, the jazz pianist who accompanies Mia along her journey, and he and Stone bring an irresistible chemistry to La La Land's otherwise magical atmosphere, as they sing and dance their way through this glorious musical romance.

, a Florida jury got to see and hear another side of what goes on in newsrooms.

This time, the screen wasn't dominated by editors and writers talking about how to get to the bottom of a cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

"Ten years ago, people maintained very different private and professional personas," he told in 2013."F— Megan Fox." If trials are exercises in storytelling, Hogan's attorneys took the past 24 hours as an opportunity to present as an unsympathetic collective of heartless and obstinate millennials who rapaciously stared at a screen showing traffic to their stories while sending crude messages to each other about their endeavors.The series of depositions shown to the jury followed Hogan's own testimony where he tried to carve out some semblance of privacy for himself while being grilled on why he was discussing his sex life on a publicity tour."It's a story about the kind of madness you need to keep hoping in spite of everything and everyone, and the courage required to pursue your dreams even when they seem impossible," Stone says.In contrast to her character's six-year quest for fame and fortune, Stone has a slightly easier time.Up close and in person, Stone is even more radiant than her character in , a throwback to old-style Hollywood musicals that played to rave reviews as the opening film at the Venice Film Festival.Playing Mia, a struggling actress who refuses to give up in spite of repeated rejection, the lithe redheaded beauty identified with her character's spirit, up to a certain point.Directed by Damien Chazelle, whose Oscar-nominated Whiplash was a far darker musical journey, La La Land is already being touted as an early favourite to collect plenty of trophies once awards season gets underway.Critics and audiences alike at Venice were particularly swept away by the film's abundant sense of optimism and insouciant spirit.But count them, you’ll probably find less than ten, across the show? They’ve got a proper beginning, middle, and end in every episode, and they are owning the story.What I would say is different — well, not different, but you know, a novel and a TV show of course has to be a very different beast, and the thing about a novel is it’s very internalized, you can have the interior monologue, you can have what Lizzie’s thinking, you can’t have that in the TV show.

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