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And this update is driven by the arrival of several software updates and enhancements, plus my own hardware experimentation.

The E7 is still highly rated for design and build quality and the tips and pointers here should help any owner to get just a little more from their device.

SPB Shell also allows third party skins, which means that you can also transform your S60V5 device similar to i Phone or HTC Desire or Windows phone 7 or N8 etc. Jim Luthra is a Third Officer in Merchant Navy and Chief Editor of The-Area51.com, He is a Blogger, Guitarist, Painter, Book Lover, Tech Geek, Basket Ball Lover, Traveller and Fitness Freak.

Earlier this week, Spb Software House has upgraded their Spb Mobile Shell to version 2.0, which is easier to handle now and has a fresher and enhanced design.

The E7 was the first of the Symbian^3 generation to get 'pimped' by me, but it's the device in most need of Tender Love and Care, in my opinion.

This can change the sluggish look of old home screen and make it much faster and responsive.The tests are geared heavily in favor of Microsoft's services, but Sahas still managed to outdo them when tasked with showing the weather for two different cities.The Microsoft Store assistant already had weather tiles for two cities pinned to her Start screen, but Sahas similarly had two weather widgets on his Android homescreen and, importantly, had disabled the lock screen on his phone, allowing him to show the requisite info within a moment of pressing the Galaxy Nexus power button.Generally, Mobile Shell 2.0 consists 3 screens: All these features are well known from other Spb programs like Spb Pocket Plus, Spb Phone Suite, Spb Time and Spb Weather and while these programs have a lot more functions they are therefore more difficult to configure.What's new in version 2.0 Let's begin with the central interface on the Today screen.Of the five main additions below, 1 and 4 were previously showstoppers for some people, while 3 and 5 will be welcomed by all.Although it's probably quite hard to pick up the Nokia E7 brand new these days, it remains a unique form factor and is well worth persevering with.The Windows Phone Challenge, provocatively dubbed "Smoked by Windows Phone" by Microsoft, appears to have suffered its first defeat at the hands of a competing smartphone this weekend, and Microsoft's response has reportedly been less than sporting.Sahas Katta, a self-confessed fan of Windows Phone's design, went down to his local Microsoft Store to pit his Android 4.0-powered Galaxy Nexus in a speed test against Microsoft's smartphones and, surprisingly, came out on top.SPB Shell " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-7984" src=" alt="SPB Shell" width="172" height="286" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 172px) 100vw, 172px" /Does your mobile phone allows optimization based on your personal needs?Are you tired of stock Android home screen and navigation widgets?

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