Speed dating for college students


Achieve your college and career goals using resources and strategies that work!31 video clips challenge you with real-life college situations featuring Robert and Krishaun from the American Graduate film All the Difference.Continue to read books or blogs in your field or industry of interest.Join professional associations that increase visibility and networks. Take courses or workshops offered by employers, professional associations, or schools to advance your skills, keep them current, and learn new ones.These people will have dates on a regular basis, and they may or may not be having sexual relations.

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But how does that explain the drastic IQ differences between male- and female-dominated fields, if the average man and woman have the same IQ?The answer comes from the fact that the IQ score here is estimated from the students’ SAT score.This isn’t an altogether unreasonable approach: Several studies have shown a strong correlation between SAT scores and IQ scores.Personal Lifelong Learning: Once in the workplace, never stop learning.Ask questions and seek guidance from supervisors, mentors, and accomplished co-workers.The sluttiest guys are sluttier than the sluttiest girls.The only way that’s possible is if slutty guys are banging girls less slutty than themselves.A frequent source of debate here is the question of what percentage of students in college are participating in hookup culture, i.e. Regular readers know that I have made the following tentative statement: Overall, the sexes show very little difference in the number of sexual partners.This would seem to confirm the hypothesis that a small percentage of promiscuous students are engaging in casual sex with one another, while a much larger group has a few partners during college, and well over a third of students have no sex at all. In other words, there are approximately equal numbers of each sex having most of the casual sex.Below, I plotted several college major’s estimated average student IQ over the gender ratio of that major. A shockingly clear correlation: the more female-dominated a college major is, the lower the average IQ of the students studying in the major.A naive reader may look at this graph and conclude that men are smarter than women, but it is vital to note that, on average, men and women have about the same IQ.

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