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Sie schließen sich damit der Schweigeminute beim 36. Der Kirchentag unterbricht sein gesamtes Programm für die Toten der europäischen Außengrenzen am Freitag, 26. Die Gedenkveranstaltung ab 11 Uhr und die Schweigeminute um 12 Uhr erinnern an die mehr als 10.000 Menschen, die in den letzten drei Jahren auf ihrer Flucht nach Europa ums Leben gekommen sind.

In Anlehnung an die Losung des Kirchentags steht die Kampagne unter dem Motto „Du siehst mich – Siehst du mich? Dieses Motto steht auch im Mittelpunkt der Plakatkampagne.

Doting son: The chart-topping singer/songwriter, 24, has splashed out a reported £750,000 on a flat in North London, so that his parents John and Imogen (pictured with Ed) can be close to him when he's in London 'When I have kids, when they start getting a little bit irritating, I’ve got the grandparents there': The Lego House singer has splashed out £750,000 on the property, so he has help on hand when he has children of his own A well-earned break: While Ed has admitted he's thinking about the possibility of settling down, the singer has decided to take a break from his global success to spend time with his family and girlfriend Cherry Seaborn Having just finished up touring commitments, Ed has taken a temporary hiatus from music in order to enjoy the fruits of his labour - as well as some quality time with his friends, family and girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

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A freedom of information request to the Metropolitan police revealed that a total of 14,544 tickets had been issued in the camera’s first six months.

Almost a third of these, 4,770, were issued in May — an average of 154 a day.

This means the camera, on the Ealing section of the North Circular Road, has been responsible for about one in three of all tickets issued in the capital.

Between switch-on last April and the end of October, almost 15,000 fines were issued to drivers exceeding the 30mph temporary limit on that stretch of dual carriageway.

Drivers received a £100 fine plus three penalty points.

Motorist Terry Payne, who uncovered the figures after being caught driving at 36mph, said: “That single camera is making millions.” Mr Payne, a magazine editor from Ham, began investigating when he was sent a ticket after taking his trainee midwife daughter to Stansted airport early one morning.

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Sie finden hier die größte Bilddatenbank für Kirchengemeinden.

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