Submissive female dating

Feminized Submissive Husband and Cruel Mistress Wife Mistress Zara I want to tell you about my new found freedom, I am a lady aged 49 and have been married to Brian for almost 10 years, I had a long time boyfriend who turn out to be unfaithful and a real jerk, I swore that the next man I found would be submissive and would honour me.

I meet Brian at a hotel in Spain while on holidays and we got talking, he confessed that he had not many ladies in his life, I could tell that he was very submissive and keep asking could he get me anything, I had him fetching me drinks and rub on sun cream every day, also I got him to take me out for meals and drinks.

Talk to any couple and they will all give you a different answer, yet the basics are always there.

Due to its very nature, this is intended solely for an adult audience.You are much better off speaking your mind, as that will significantly increase your chances of finding a reader who will relate and agree with what you say.So, here is the profile that I simply had to post here.I have noticed the following dating profile about a month ago, and I decided to post it here with very minor changes, as I consider this the most interesting and overall – the best female online dating profile I have seen so far, or at least one of the very best.Some would consider this profile to be too negative and opinionated, but I strongly believe that “playing it safe” is not the right way to go when it comes to online dating.A Female Controlled Relationship has been around a long time.But over the last 20 years we have seen a rapid increase in the amount of couples that prefer this style of relationship.Submissive men have long sort out Women they can serve and obey.The submissive often lets the Woman know early on they are willing to serve and obey under her strict control.In fact in Western countries more Women are now in full control of the relationship then men.There are many reasons why a couple may want a Female controlled relationship and those reasons may vary with each couple.

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