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They are, according to Rocket News, “hot-blooded Yu Guromatsu (tuna), easygoing Kei Sukegawa (salmon), his shy little brother Iku (salmon roe), and somewhat childish Tamaki Marui (egg),” with Shrimp and Avocado set to come out in later updates..The plot can be described thusly: a girl’s father has to go off to take a job overseas and she’s left to run the family sushi store by herself. Like magic, they appear a day after daddy has departed to “help”.If you think you’re a sushi lover, I’m guessing you’re not realllllly a sushi lover unless you love it so much you’d date it.Thanks to Japan, the world now has a dating app that let’s you date sushi that’s come to life in the form of six different guys.Now, thanks to a new Japanese dating app, you and all your maki-loving friends can take your adoration to its only logical conclusion: dating anthropomorphized seafood. One night after his departure, who should show up to help the poor girl than the sushi itself, brought to life in the form of six human boys, who, incidentally, all want to get in her pants?

There are a ton of different dating apps, sites and services like Tinder that let you chat with a prospective date when there's a match made—however, the Chinese Bilin app lets you call another user instead of exchanging text-based messages.Bilin reportedly now has over 20 million registered users and a total of 10 million minutes have been used.The success of the dating app will likely continue, as the app just received million in funding.Stepping into the kitchen, she comes across a half-dozen young men she’s never met, yet who seem oddly familiar. Since this is a dating sim and not a survival horror game, their encounter is much more benign than what young girls can usually expect when six uninvited strangers appear in their home in the middle of the night.The fine-featured, pastel-coifed group explains that they are pieces of sushi come to life in order to lend her a hand while her dad is away.The guys each have quite distinct personalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes, which borrow from their identities as sushi.Tamaki Marui for example is based on Tamagoyaki or grilled egg sushi and his character is known to be easily "spoiled." Similarly, friendships and rivalries between the guys seem to take cues from food pairings that either work, or don't work well together.Merlyn “The Magician”/Malcolm Merlyn O famoso arqueiro que inspirou Oliver a praticar com o arco e flecha, acaba tornando-se membro da Liga dos Assassinos e inimigo do Arqueiro Verde. Já no seriado, a sua releitura, Malcolm Merlyn, é um empresário que tem um plano diabólico contra a cidade de Star City, além de ser o arqueiro misterioso, que dá um pau no protagonista.Trickshot (Barney Barton) O irmão e inimigo do Gavião Arqueiro, quando revivido pelo Barão Zemo, recebe treinamento com o arco, para realizar tarefas para seu benfeitor. Série Tales Chester Burklight Amigo do protagonista no primeiro Tales, é um ótimo caçador.The funny, slightly bizarre sushi dating app is free to download and has 12 different endings.In this excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Master Chef Jiro Ono reflects back on his own history with sushi, dating back to post WWII, how the art of making sushi invaded his dreams, and the evolution of technique in preparing more challenging food items like shrimp and octopus.

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