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Jose’s case is the first major test to North Carolina’s HB 972 since it took effect in October — and also the most controversial.[Video shows police tackling and beating a black man suspected of stealing a car. Welcome to our cool teen chat rooms, the largest on the web. Simply enter a nickname in the box below and click the button to join. Please take some time to read the rules at the bottom of the page.This room is highly moderated and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.I would hate to be judged by the worst thing I've ever done in my life," Fultz said.

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WICS reports his attorney Dan Fultz said his client is a decorated veteran who went on tours in multiple countries. I don't know who you think you are talking to, But (bleep), you don't talk to me like that, you understand that? I'm here to help you, and all of a sudden before I even got here, you like [expletive]," Officer Rosario said in the video. "Police are not better than anybody else and they're not worse than anybody else.

He says he is also a husband, a father and a human being just like everyone else. " the teen yells."I ain't from Mexico, you stupid [expletive]! Attorney Dan Fultz says Officer Rosario had reached his limit with a 19-year-old standing at a potential crime scene."He has his limits, just like every other human being, He responded to a call while he's trying to gather information, this kid keeps interrupting him making comments, making derogatory comments, and I know it's become the new national blood sport to criticize the police, but everybody has their limits and he reached his," Fultz said."No, you watch what you say. Certainly nobody is as bad as the worst thing they've ever done.

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Jose Charles was dazed, bleeding from his head and surrounded by police after an incident that would leave him accused of fighting, resisting arrest and spitting a mouthful of blood into a police officer’s face.

His mother had gone to take one of the 15-year-old’s siblings to the bathroom at a Fourth of July celebration in Greensboro, N. — and returned to find an officer’s hand around Jose’s neck.

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