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Opportunities come sometimes when you least expect and you have to be willing to say yes to scary questions…On I filled in as a panelist in a pinch once or twice with two minutes notice, and as a guest host three or four times, but none of that prepares you for the phone call that came at halftime of the Patriots-Panthers Super Bowl (in 2004), not long after Janet Jackson's boob was introduced to the entire world, that asked me to fill-in as host the next day.There is no information about his father, mother, brother and sisters.Tony Reali is like one of the celebrity who loves to keep his personal matters to himself.Reali was a sportscaster for WFUV at Fordham University from 1997-2000 as the voice of football and men's basketball.

He is mainly involved in sports reporting and also works as the host in several ESPN shows.He later joined Pardon the Interruption in October 2001 as "Stat Boy", where his role was to correct and fact-check hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon at the end of every episode.Reali became so popular that he started appearing daily on Tony Kornheiser's radio show for a daily segment called "Preview the Interruption", in which he discussed what was going to happen on PTI later on that afternoon.He also covered the reports of game of Yankees, Mets, Giants, and jets.Reali's first official job was as a researcher and writer for ESPN's quiz show 2 Minute Drill.It quite difficult to point out the information related to his love affairs, girlfriend, his married life, wife, divorce and also about his children.There is also no information about with whom he is having a romantic relationship with these days.Tony Reali was interested in reporting since his childhood days.When he attended Fordham University, he was a sportscaster there and also worked for the WFUV.An American sports personality and TV host, Tony Reali was born on July 4, 1978 in Staten Island, New York city, U. He has been working as Stat boy on Pardon the Interruption since the show began. He is popular among people as a host of around the horn on ESPN.

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