Totally muslim dating


No chat rooms, no poking, no winks and you can't view the same gender. We even welcome your parents to our website and to be involved in the decision-making process.

Our matchmaking formula stands apart from other Muslim matchmaking websites.

And besides this name is a strong symbol of Islam belonging. S.28 V.41 As website administrator and responsible for this kind of site, we cannot simply content ourselves set facilitating meetings between sexes, which is imperative, we must underline it, but it is necessary to know how to supervise these meetings to avoid that they become corrupted.

That’s why we have to respect set the entire necessary rigor the requirements of Islam in the field of date between both sexes: we say yes to dates no to depravity, yes to exchanges and dialogue no to immorality under all its forms. Our duty is to accompany the concerned persons so that inshallah they can know a successful realization but also be present for them when after the meeting they know confusion or when they need assistance or advice.

Insh is a site of dating and exchange which tends to facilitate to Muslims the discovery of the soul mate wishing to see, if God will, marriage becoming a reality in the respect of human and moral values which are the ones of Islam.

Islam to which we subscribe and to which we refer in this site, is not the one which is instrumented on both sides, politicized or even marketed, but our Islam is the one which restored equality, justice and dignity to the whole humanity. S.57 V.25 In order to attend to this Islam which is the one of the happy medium, far from any fanaticism or extremism, and to close doors to any ill-intentioned who would speak in the name of this one setout any skill (which is often the case on the web), your site insh appealed to specialists on theology and on Muslim law who will guarantee the good spreading of knowledge . S.21 V.7 You should not see in this community aspect of the site some kind of multiculturalism because although we cling to our identity, we are all the more opened to the others and even invite them to come to meet and to exchange while remaining themselves.

It can be the fruits of a brotherly and cultural sharing. S.49 V.13 But it is also delicate as far as, setout an Islamic supervision, it eventually risks to go astray and to differ from the other dating sites only by the name.

Therefore, it is imperative for this site to be as high as the name it wears, because refers to the notion of absolute power, setout which nothing can succeed.

It's an issue faced by many Americans – and it only gets harder when you bring faith into the equation.Instead of asking surface level questions such as "height", "weight", and "eye color" Half Our Deen asks the questions that really matter.We go deeper by asking questions regarding how they understand Islam, what their family expectations are, and even what type of personality they have.Three days of violence in France left 17 people dead earlier this month, including 12 people at the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.The newspaper had angered many Muslims over its repeated publication of cartoons depicting Islam's Prophet Mohammed.This charter permits to ensure a quality of service and permits sisters and brothers to maximize their chance to find the soul mate.We count on our members to respect it in order to make the dialogue sane and pleasant.They were classified by the French government in 1996 as "sensitive urban zones"."The atmosphere is very social, everybody sticks together.You could walk into that restaurant right now and the people would give you food for free if you didn't have any money.Try doing that at the Champs-Elysées." "Over the course of this last week, we have made some regrettable errors on air regarding the Muslim population in Europe," anchor Julie Banderas said.

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