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When we first looked at our house 7 years ago all I saw was wrought iron vines and grapes.I almost didn’t even set foot inside because I couldn’t get past this.An important consideration when selecting columns are the materials from which they are made like wood, composite, fiberglass, wrought iron, and many more.See our Ideas for Front Porch Columns page to help you select the right material for your porch columns.Part of the reason it took so long was the job felt overwhelming to us.

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I don’t think she is anymore, so I will show you my version now.Wraps are ideal for transforming the look of your porch or for hiding old discolored posts.Another option is vinyl column sleeves that fit over standard wood columns.It made the house feel dated and like something meant for a grandma.Ironically, the entire house was dated, but I loved the neighborhood and immediately had a vision.The best we could come up with around 1985 was adding this lovely pink and seafoam wallpaper.Yeah, that would make this a soothing space, right? Take a look at that horrendous florescent light fixture. I found this pretty squishy soft aqua ruffled rug at Homegoods back on the big shopping spree some bloggers went on and that was my starting point, along with the new towels. I brought in some accessories I already had and reused things from different rooms in my old house in AL and had plenty to fill up this space.Bad, bad, bad light in a bathroom, it has always been dim in here. So just what do you do to update a space like this? Y’all were probably feeling bad that I had pink carpet in this bathroom and yeah, I was feeling bad about that too. Of course, the new flooring makes all the difference in the world in here. Here’s a good look at the existing aqua countertop I had to work with and I really don’t mind it at all now. You can see the mirror got a new frame and I will tell you all about that later. 🙂 Pretty new aqua rug (exact same color as the countertop) is wonderful on the feet and I gave all the trim and cabinets in here a fresh coast of Creamy paint by Sherwin Williams. New hardware was a must and I ordered these ORB beauties off Ebay. I love their delicate shape and they make a big difference in here too.Some suggested that I should reglaze or paint the tiles. But no more…carpet is gone, as well as that ugly, ugly wallpaper and border. This pretty green metal shelf came out of my old green bathroom in AL, along with the accessories, most of which were found at yardsales.If you are looking for do-it-yourself products for your porch, you way want to view our Porch Parts Resources section.We feature Vintage Woodworks who carries a wide selection of porch columns, column wraps, and porch posts to create a beautiful curb appealing porch.

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