Updating browser how to


This has been done by some other countries over the years, including the United Kingdom in 2003 and New Zealand in 2008.

Firefox and Chrome can be downloaded and installed by visiting their respective Web sites (using another browser).Once you've got your browser of choice, keeping it updated is even easier.Internet Explorer (IE) updates are included as part of Windows system updates, so as long as you keep Windows updated, so is IE.This can be caused by the fact that your browser will cache information on your computer for speed and efficiency.Your computer will save copies of web pages as you navigate around the Internet. Ever return to a website expecting to find updated information but it isn't there?Someone else can get the update on their computer but you still see the old content?There are many different browsers available, but four of them account for over 95 percent of all browsers in use today: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari [source: Stat Counter].The programmers who design browsers are constantly updating them, adding new features, improving their performance, changing their looks, and improving browser security. Malicious hackers and Web sites can exploit security flaws in browsers and infect your computer with harmful programs, trojans, and viruses.Many people offer maintenance plans to help you stay up to date.The problem with some of these plans is that they offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.

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