Updating delphi gps maps


Many GPS devices have the option to support the use of Secure Digital (SD) cards.

SD cards are small removable storage devices that are capable of storing many different types of data.

Anyone know how we go about updating the navigation maps? I received a mailer recently that the 2013 vehicle updates are for sale. People make copies to protect their investment in case of accidental damage.

I'd imagine it is via SD card or something but I have not seen maps updates anywhere to either download or purchase. Edited by Hydrogen Cyanide, 22 November 2013 - PM. They were saying for sale at 0 now but 0 regular. If a copy ended up in your truck it would work just fine.

Although GPS devices do have some installed memory, it is usually not enough to store several maps of different locations.

Fortunately, it is possible to install new maps on an SD card which can then be inserted into the GPS device and accessed.

Select "View Files and Folders" from the list of options. Go to the website that manufactures your GPS device.

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