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If your system is backed up regularly, you should not need to do an extra backup, but you need to make sure that you have access to the backup in case you need to start over.

Contact your IT department about how your system is backed up.

Book jacket images can be shared, allowing faster and easier item identification.

Each catalog can have multiple holding records linked to allow true collection management features including inventory control and serials tracking.

During the last eight years, Pak LAG organized its chapters in all four provinces and federal capital.

There is no membership fee and no official sponsorship.

Concourse, Windows library automation software is used by thousands of librarians across the country and internationally.

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Software evaluation is quite a difficult task; we have to consider the following procedure, features and aids to evaluate software packages. Barman, Badan, Criteria for Selection and Evaluation of Library Software Packages. Baruah, Deepa, A study on the library software packages SOUL and LIBPLUS with special reference to data entry and data retrieval techniques, A dissertation submitted to Gauhati university,2002.

The simple interface is easy to learn, and the appearance and features can be tailored for each library.

Optional modules and services offered by Mandarin allow libraries to customize their system to meet their individual needs.

If your system is not backed up regularly, see Mandarin's documentation or contact them for help.

The default location of the Databases folder to back up is C:\M3 Server\Registry MLA solutions has provided Mitinet permissions to distribute the SIRS Mandarin M3 Overwrite application that allows users to update existing records in their system.

Circulation provides quick email receipts to patrons after checking items out.

A new self service circulation portal is now available.

The idea was to achieve the objectives by promoting the self-reliance and economical solutions.

Pak LAG is carrying out various activities to achieve the following objectives: The survey method was used to achieve the study's objectives.

M5 also supports Unicode, which allows librarians and users to catalog and search their collections in any language.

For single sites or large library systems, M5 can help lower costs and save time with one-point installation, maintenance and updates.

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