Updating new york state physician profile

Any licensee who fails to register by the beginning of the registration period may be required to pay an additional fee for late filing in the amount of .00 for each month that the registration has been delayed. In the event a physician has registered as inactive and wishes to resume his or her practice after an inactive period, the physician must at that time register with the Registration Unit. A physician should notify the Department of Education’s Registration Unit of any change of name or mailing address within 30 days of each change.

Subject to limited exceptions, a physician or the physician’s authorized designee must consult the NYS Department of Health Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Registry no more than 24 hours prior to prescribing or dispensing a schedule II, III, or IV controlled substance. New York State’s physician profile requirements will change April 13, 2016.Physicians will have thirty (30) days, instead of one hundred twenty (120) days, from the date they transmit an initial profile survey or update profile information to register for an account with the NYSDOH provider network (“HPN”).In general, the Department of Education mails an application for registration to every physician who is currently registered at least four months prior to the beginning of the registration period. Physicians are reminded that a medical record must be retained that accurately reflects the evaluation and treatment of the patient. Accordingly, a physician must maintain a medical record pertaining to the issuance of a prescription. Cuomo proposed in his 2015-2016 state budget proposal, the state legislature and Governor Cuomo amended current law to require physicians to report changes in their profile information more quickly.Effective April 13, 2016, physicians will have thirty (30) days—instead of one hundred twenty (120) days—from the date they transmit an initial profile survey or enter or update profile information to register for an account with the NYSDOH provider network (“HPN”), and to provide an e-mail address or notice of a changed e-mail address for DOH to use to communicate with the physician.Introduction | How to Renew Online | How to Request Inactive Status Online | Address and Name Changes | Questions & Answers Regarding Online Registration Renewal | Questions & Answers Regarding Photo IDs Welcome to the Office of the Professions' Online Registration Renewal service.Complete information is available below for those who are unfamiliar with the process.On November 15, 2016, DOH released a report which found that despite the overwhelming consumer support for listing this information on the profile, only 51% of physicians do so.The report highlights recent measures such as the Surprise Bill Law, which went into effect on March 31, 2015, making the inclusion of such information easier.

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