Updating on mepis

kernel-package - this program is needed for creating kernel deb packages.

build-essential - this program is needed for compiling source code into machine binaries (programs).

The following packages will be REMOVED: amarok-engine-xine kcontrol kdebase-bin-kde3 kdebase-kio-plugins kdesktop kmenuedit kmplayer-common kmplayer-plugin ksmserver ktip libavcodec51 libdbus-1-qt3-0 libgsmme1c2a libkipi0 qca-tls Since this is not a fresh install and you probably installed programs it's possible that other programs will get removed too, if you see any important program in the list write it down so you'll know to reinstall it afterwards.

This is also a step where you can stop and revert the changes in /etc/apt/if you are not comfortable with the risk. " and then press "y" again when prompted to continue.

The base depends on the excellent upstream work by Linux, Debian, and Xfce.

MX-14 also incorporates the independent and innovative development products Whisker Menu, simsu and gottet, Qup Zilla Browser, smxi and inxi." We think you will enjoy it!

When prompted respond "y" to install the "package maintainer's version" of configuration files, it's recommended to do that unless you have a custom version of the configuration file that you want to preserve. Install packages that are different in KDE4 and MEPIS 8.5: Also, if you need, install the corresponding modules: aufs-modules-2.6.32, ndiswrapper-modules-2.6.32, nvidia-kernel-2.6.32, nvidia-kernel-legacy-96xx-2.6.32, wl-modules-2.6.32 firmware-linux-free (hit TAB to complete the full name of those packages) 8.

The xconfig GUI can be built either with QT 3 or QT 4 (use QT 4 in MEPIS 12) linux-source-?

Simply MEPIS 7.0 discontinued the use of Ubuntu binary packages in favor of a combination of MEPIS packaged binaries based on Debian and Ubuntu source code, combined with a Debian stable OS core and extra packages from Debian package pools.

Major releases occur about six months to one year apart, based mostly on Warren's availability to produce the next version.

Download might take a while depending on your Internet connection.

Make sure everything gets downloaded and installed.

"MX-14 "Symbiosis" is a special version of anti X developed in full collaboration with the Mepis Community and using the best tools and talents from each distro.

It is a midweight OS designed to combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance and medium-sized footprint.

fakeroot - this program removes the need to become root for building a package libncurses5-dev - this program is needed for using make menuconfig or make xconfig.

libqt3-mt-dev libqt3-headers - these programs are needed for running make xconfig with QT 3.

is a set of Linux distributions, distributed as Live CDs or DVDs that can be installed onto a hard disk drive.

MEPIS was started by Warren Woodford and the eponymous company MEPIS LLC.

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