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The primary purposes of multi-master replication are increased availability and faster server response time.Many directory servers are based on LDAP implement multi-master replication.One of the more prevalent multi-master replication implementations in directory servers is Microsoft's Active Directory.

And as those websites have grown, best practices and guiding principles around their architectures have emerged.All project learners please show your interest for this free SAP session by Faisal Majid.Many get confused with how to interpret pricing Schema, the following is an example you might see in an exam.However, they also can be at odds with one another, such that achieving one objective comes at the cost of another.A basic example: choosing to address capacity by simply adding more servers (scalability) can come at the price of manageability (you have to operate an additional server) and cost (the price of the servers).Please note that in addition to the complimentary copies which will be selected based on a draw, Glynn has also offered a generous discount to every SAP Explore user who registers an interest in the book , the code for which will directly sent by Glynn.“Inbound Delivery (ID) is a record which is holding all the information / data required to start and monitor the inbound delivery process.Multi-master replication can also be contrasted with failover clustering where passive slave servers are replicating the master data in order to prepare for takeover in the event that the master stops functioning.The master is the only server active for client interaction.Your password changes are working correctly, but the password digest field is not updating.Does anyone out there in Search Domino land have some ideas to help??

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