Updating rhel without subscription

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Another requirement for getting Oracle Ksplice updates is the use of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel from Oracle.

Oracle Ksplice is an exciting new addition to the Oracle Linux Premier Support subscription.

Oracle Ksplice technology allows you to update systems with new kernel security errata (CVE) without the need to reboot, which enables you to remain current with OS vulnerability patches while minimizing downtime.

This is possibly exploitable to run arbitrary code, but it has not been verified (CVE-2007-4995).

Note that this flaw only affects applications making use of DTLS.

One reason to love Linux on your servers or in your data-center is that you so seldom needed to reboot it.

True, critical patches require a reboot, but you could go months without rebooting.

That left all the other enterprise and server Linux back where they started.

Then Kernel Care released a service that could provide bootless patches for most enterprise Linux distros.

Open SSL is a toolkit that implements Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library.

Datagram TLS (DTLS) is a protocol based on TLS that is capable of securing datagram transport (UDP for instance).

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