Updating site content type failed infopath


Publishing a form template is not the same as saving a form template.

When a form template is saved, you are saving it to preserve your work, just as you do when you save a file on your computer.

Top of Page If you are updating a form that has already been published, or are publishing a Share Point list or workflow form for the first time, you can use quick publish to publish the form without having to indicate how and where it will be published.

When you click Quick Publish, Info Path 2010 automatically re-publishes or publishes the form to its previous or indicated location.

By default this is set to true, setting to false will configure the content type to render the form in the browser, using the folder. My post here describes the necessary steps for publishing a web compatible form.

The content type used in that post is designed for a workflow’s instantiation page.

What I realized when I dug into the issue is that Info Path 2007 couldn’t modify the content type because it had been created at the site collection level – not the subsite level that I was doing my testing from.

The processing instructions allow forms that are based on this form template to be automatically updated if you make changes to the form template after publishing it.If I add the field from sharepoint directly (rather than from code) to the content type, it does update the list as well.Thanks, Joseph My experience in these scenarios is that you need to iterate through all usages of your contenttype manually and add your field to each instance of the content type.To inherit from this all you have to do is add two zeros and then your own identifier.The second attribute, , specifies if the browser should use the application specified by the Prog Id attribute (not shown here) when creating or viewing a form.I am using sharepoint feature upgrade to upgrade my content types and lists.I have tried both Update Including Sealed And Read Only(true) and Update(true) and it is not updating my list with the new fields.When I backed up in the wizard and I gave it the URL for the site collection root rather than the sub-site and then rolled forward through the wizard again it worked.So if you’re having trouble getting Info Path 2007 to publish to Share Point … (I still have other issues this didn’t fix like the fact that a properly derived form isn’t showing up as one to modify – but one problem down.) Krishana Kumar is Share Point Architect/Trainer having Architecture experience with high volumes at Enterprise level and global scale - creation of highly scalable solutions with global user base and geographically distributed architectural components.Anyone have any ideas on how I can publish my Info Path form successfully?(fyi - it did publish successfully previously but after adding 8 new fields and promoting them, I got the above error) UPDATE Strange, I went back to my Share Point library to perform a quick check and I notice that my Share Point library have the 8 new fields being successfully published. Also you can have a look at this article mentioned below.

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