Updating squeezebox firmware


I’ll never (as in _never_) cease my home internet again before moving out of the flat.

Here’s another workaround to trick my Squeezebox Server into downloading firmware files from a local server – just because of lack of internet connection. After connecting my new Squeeze Box Radio, I had to take already some efforts to get it up and running because of no internet.

As I don’t have a local DNS server in my network, my intention was to override the IP address of ‘update.mysqueezebox.com’ through a manual entry in the /etc/hosts file on the NAS server, so I added this new line to it: [/] # ping update.PING update.( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=1.0 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=1.0 ms Inspecting the logfile after restarting Squeezebox Server revealed however that this didn’t work as expected.

It seemed like the application prefers DNS and ingores the local /etc/hosts on the NAS.

updating squeezebox firmware-81updating squeezebox firmware-41

I just switched from the 7 branch back to the trunk.

If you download more than just the main firmware (Duet Wi Fi Firmware.bin) then please read the Updating more than one firmware at a time section before proceeding as the firmware needs to be updated in a specific order.

Check you have downloaded the correct firmware before installing it.

Afterwars I started the built-in python web-server of OS X from the ‘~/Downloads’ folder: Since my Squeezebox Server runs from a QNAP NAS, I logged into it through SSH.

QNAP, as many other vendors, use Linux as operating system.

Squeeze OS is a complete embedded Linux distribution that includes ARM cross-compiler, Linux kernel and busybox.

It also includes Squeeze Play, the software that provides a rich user interface for browsing and playing music on your Squeezebox products.

Verstehe ich das richtig: die neue Firmware direkt auf meiner SBT installieren (das ist der einzige SBS, den ich verwende) geht gar nicht Ich bin immer auf die Installation eines SBS auf einem PC o. angewiesen, um ein Beta-Firmware-Update durchführen zu können?

Gruß "James T."Den Server bräuchtest du nur temporär, um die Firmware der Touch anzubieten.

Auch kann es sein, dass du auf test.landest und dort einen extra Account benötigst - weiß nicht, was gerade aktuell in den Beta-Builds so los ist.

Wenn du völlig ohne Server auskommen willst: Für den Controller gibt es Anleitungen, wie man ein Firmware-Update mit SD-Karte bzw. th_SD_Card Ich denke die Schritte könnten ähnlich auch für die Touch funktionieren, weiß es aber nicht.

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